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Arda Karaduman

Verdure Komazawa 805, Komazawa 4-19-13, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japonya


A longterm resident in Japan (10 years), and an IT specialist looking to enhance his professional skills in a dynamic and stable environment. A hipster coder who enjoys following the latest trends in programming, showing up in local programming meetups whenever possible.

İlgi alanları

Programming; Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, Event Driven Architecture, Agile Software Development, TDD, Design Patterns, Game Theory


Preferred environment: Debian(crunchbang), Emacs, Ruby, AWS
Experience with:

Interested In: (no experience with, but would like to get my hands dirty)

Go, Clojure, Haskell, clojure script, Dart, vertx, Hadoop, Pandas, Arduino, Android, Cocos2d, PhoneGap, RubyMotion

Yabancı diller

  • Türkçe: Anadil
  • İngilizce: Anadile yakın
  • Japonca: İş seviyesi


(2012 - 2014) Dev-Ops at Kii Corporation

Assumed various tasks to bring Kii Cloud up to spec with its competitiors, Parse, Kinvey, StackMob. KiiCloud is a multi region mBaas with special focus on the Asian market.

Görev Alanları:

  • API usage tracking and logging (3scale, Varnish-Cache, fluentd)
  • Payment Integration (via Zuora and Paypal)
  • CloudCode maintenance (node.js)
  • Developer Portal development (Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js)
  • Various automated tasks (reports for high touch customers, special requests to tune AWS resources, etc. written in Ruby / Bash deployed with puppet)

(2011 - 2012) Dev-Ops at Mobilous

Assumed main DevOps/CloudOps position in Mobilous. Mobilous is a indie venture set to create the easiest way to create Mobile apps with a drag and drop interface, and build and publish them in multiple app stores.

Görev Alanları:

  • Design and implement flexible and scalable EC2 cloud infrastructure A complex structure where we can monitor health, service status, workload of our client instances, which is able to create new instances on demand and distribute workload by user request. The whole service infrastructure is built using Ruby/Bash and integrates seamlessly with a user admin dashboard running on Ruby on Rails.
  • Minor participation in Glassfish AppServer component, which is responsible for interfacing client PostGres DB to user application. (Java on Spring framework)
  • Some web page automation script with PHP/Selenium. (Automatic entry of some forms)


  • Kii Ruby SDK (SDK written in Ruby to use Kii Cloud)
  • KiiRSS (RSS reader using Kii Cloud to store feeds. Static PAge written in Javascript using Angular)
  • Invaderoids



Araştırma Konuları

Digital circuit design, Microprocessor Architecture, Instruction Set Architecture, Embedded Systems, Memory Usage Optimisation



Araştırma Projeleri

  • MIPS Processor with support for Echo instructions (Master’s Thesis)
    Added support for Echo instructions to a MIPS processor. Prepared a tool chain to compile benchmarks and analyze performance and resource usage
  • Memory usage Optimization of Reconfigurable Processor (Current Project)
    Designing memory structure of a coarse grained reconfigurable processor array for instantaneous context switching and minimum memory usage
  • Quantum Computer Simulation on a Distributed Linux Cluster (Graduate thesis)
    Quantum computation simulation on a distributed Linux cluster.

Müzik Projeleri

  • 2008 - halen devam: Bas gitar Melted
  • 2010 - 2012: Bas gitar Sinners